USA Betting Deposits

When it comes time to either deposit funds or withdraw funds you’ll find easy and convenient ways to do both. For the most part all Online Gaming Sites offer the same wide range of options to U.S. Players. No matter if you have a credit or debit card, cash in hand, or money in the bank you’ll find an easy and convenient way to put money in your online account or collect your winnings. I’m going to walk you through the most popular ways to deposit and cash out your money.

Credit/Debit Cards

Using you credit or bank cards to fund your account is by far the most popular form of depositing funds online. Because you can either directly deposit funds in to your online gaming account with your card or you can fund an E-wallet(more on that in a minute) to take care of any and all your online expenses, using you bank or credit card is always a safe and convenient choice when deciding to go ahead with Betting in the USA.

Money Transfer

Another great way to fund your online account is through money transfers. Western Union and Money Gram are the leaders in money transfers and using this option is as simple as knowing to who and to where you need to send your deposit to. This option normally takes a few hours to post, but if you don’t have a credit card or checking account this is a safe and fast way to get playing.

Check by Mail

After you hit a big jackpot and your ready to cash out from one of these USA online gambling sites, a cashiers check is probably the best way to go. It takes several days to receive your check, but with restrictions on the amount you can transfer using some of the electronic methods this is the best way to cash out large sums of money.

Betting In The USA

There are many defining characteristics of the United States, but one that really stands out is our love for sports. We here in the states are not content to merely cheer on our favorite teams, we live and die by them. Americans don’t just sit and watch sports – we digest them. We devote large chunks of our day to sports analysis, we have multiple 24 hour TV networks dedicated to them, and we break down and analyze every aspect of every game until we can see every X and O come to life on the field or court.

Knowing all this, it comes as no surprise that one of the more popular pastimes in the United States is sports betting, with a vast majority of the population professing to have at least some interest in the activity. There only one gimmicky little problem when it comes to sports betting in the United States: how do you do it?

Between confusing (or just downright incorrect) information concerning the laws and limited availability of land based facilities that offer sports betting, a lot of US residents tend to give up on the idea of betting on sports before they end up doing it even once. We wanted to build this website so that that does not happen, and that prospective bettor can find all of the information that they need to bet on sports under one roof.

This website will not only outline the process of sports betting in the US both legally and safely, but help to push residents towards the best online sportsbooks that we have personally reviewed and had nothing but positive experiences with. If you’re interested in sports betting, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll have you up and betting on sports legally within the afternoon!

Best Sports Betting Sites In The USA

Online Sportsbooks combine the excitement and thrills of sports betting in the USA with the ease and convenience of doing all your betting from your living room. You’er able to enjoy every type of bet imaginable from straight bets, teasers, parlays, you’re able to bet halves, quarters, and of course all the prop bets you could ever hope for.

Bovada Sportsbook - Top Sportsbook For Betting In The USA

Residents from 45 U.S. states (sorry Delaware, Nevada, New York, New Jersey and Maryland residents) are allowed sign up with a real titan of the sports betting industry at  These guys have been serving clients in the United States for well over 20 years, and in that time they have learned not only how to make their customers feel welcome and excited to bet on sports, but they’ve learned how to knock their socks off.  It’s hard not to be floored by the sheer volume of game lines and betting methods available for the wagering, and once you pick yourself up you’ll simply be amazed at how easy it is to navigate such an enormous website.

Bovada doesn’t want you to take out word for it, though.  When you first sign up for this premiere US sportsbook, you’ll be awarded a full 50% of your first deposit right back in the form of bonus money.  With this special, you can earn all the way up to $250 in free money.  This bonus is an excellent opportunity to explore the sportsbook at your leisure and make bets without risking any of your own money.  The bet here is that you’ll love Bovada so much, that deposit will only be the first of many.Visit Bovada Sportsbook

BetOnline Sportsbook - One Of The Best Sites For Sports Betting In The USA

Residents from all 50 states in the union can sign up with BetOnline, one of the fastest growing online sportsbooks in the world.  The first thing that’s sure to jump out to any user who navigates over is the sleek design and layout of the page.  This legal online sportsbook is simply gorgeous, and the site is so easy to use that you’ll forget you’re rifling through an index of thousands of betting lines, point spreads, and prop bets.  If you can picture the act of sports betting as a shopping mall, then BetOnline would be the candy store.

Of course, any candy store worth their salt is going to give you plenty of sweets, and this sportsbook doesn’t lack for sweets.  When you make a deposit with BetOnline, you’ll see that not only did the entire deposit make it into your bank account quickly and completely, but that the good people at your new sportsbook have added a full 25% of your deposit on in the form of bonus money.  What makes this deal so good?  This isn’t a mere signup deal like at other sportsbooks – BetOnline members can collect this bonus for life.  Why BetOnline?  Because it’s easy, you can, and most of all, because you should. Sportsbook - Get Up To $900 In Sports Betting bonuses

We know what your thinking – isn’t the name a little obvious?  As anyone who has ever attempted rocket science or brain surgery will (probably) tell you, sometimes, keeping it simple is best.  While the folks over at SportsBetting may have been keeping it simple in naming their sportsbook, they were pulling out the stops everywhere else.  This US sportsbook for residents of all 50 states works so hard at its craft that even major American media giants like ESPN and FOX have stood up and taken notice, publishing their insignia along the bottom of the SportsBetting homepage.  Endorsements like these are not earned easily, or overnight.  Rather, a sportsbook must work tirelessly at serving US residents for years upon years, and that’s exactly what this legal sportsbook for US players has done.

The best part?  When you join SportsBetting you not only get access to one of the world’s top sportsbooks, you get a sportsbook that you can carry around in your pocket.  Via the top notch mobile site for SportsBetting, the most powerful computer in your pocket is also a direct link to your sportsbook, meaning that you can place bets from anywhere in the world where you have a phone signal.  Talk about service!

5Dimes Sportsbook - Buy Points For Every Game

Some avid bettors aren’t into flash, they’re into substance, a user friendly interface, good service, and most of all, great deals for betting on sports.  For over ten years the staff behind the online sportsbook at 5Dimes has been serving residents of all 50 states who look for and value these qualities, and it’s only helped their customer base grow and say even more glamorous and wonderful things about 5dimes than anyone has ever heard.  If you think you’ve seen a massive sportsbook and you haven’t explored this US sports betting site, you’re mistaken.  The bookmakers here refuse to be topped, providing thousands of   betting lines and props to rifle through.

Best of all, collecting winnings is never easier than it is with this sportsbook.  Most payouts processed through the website and delivered to prepaid cards, eWallets, BitCoin, or even a simple check through the mail come with absolutely no fees attached.  That’s because 5Dimes is all about saving the bettor money, even at a cost to themselves.  Why this philosophy on customer service?  Because this betting site understands that when customers save money, they place more bets, and customers understand that by placing more bets, they increase their chances of winning big.  Winning is the name of the game, why not go with the sportsbook that grants you the most opportunities?

Best USA Sportsbooks
USA Sportsbook Deposit Bonuses
1 Bovada Sportsbook 20% to $100 first deposit VISIT
2 BetOnline 25% to $900 every deposit VISIT
3 100% to $1,200 first deposit VISIT
4 5 Dimes Sportsbook 50% to $200 then 20% to $500 VISIT

There is a ton of other sports betting sites online, but none of them are as trusted as the ones we list above. These ones have been online for several years and they have a great track record with players from the USA. These are legal sports betting websites that accept players from the U.S.

Is using these sportsbooks legal?

Before we get into too much detail on this subject, let’s get one thing straight, once and for all: in accordance with federal law, it is legal to place bets and wagers on sporting events. This information probably flies in the face of what most “know” to be true, but it’s a fact nonetheless.

So, why all the confusion and just plain bad information flying around? While federal laws declare that they have no issue with an otherwise honest citizen who merely wishes to place a bet, they go after bookmakers and facilitators of sports betting with a passion, whether they are based on land or over the internet.

So then how are these websites able to operate legally? Easy, their offshore location allows them to function well outside of both state and federal jurisdiction. That means that not only will US players not be in risk of violating federal law by using these sportsbooks since it’s legal to place bets, but that these sports betting sites are in no danger of being shut down by a law enforcement agency. Good news indeed for sports fans!

Can real money be used in these sportsbooks?

While play chips and bonuses can be used to make “bets” with no risk of financial loss or potential for financial gain, the bread and butter of these sportsbook is wagering on sports for big money. This works by maintaining an account with your online sportsbook that you use to place bets.

Depositing into online sportsbooks

Fortunately, the deposit process for most US sports betting sites is easy as pie and as secure as the gold stored in Fort Knox. Most users opt to take advantage of the fact that the best US online sportsbooks all accept credit cards as a form of deposit. This method is often the fastest, and can be done right from home. Other deposit methods include wire services like Western Union, and eWallet services like BitCoin to name a few.

Members will never have to worry about the security of their deposit, which is a good thing. The fact that these are legal businesses means that they have access to the absolute top of the line when it comes to financial security; no one will be hacking into these babies any time soon! Need evidence? So far, it’s never happened with the sportsbooks we promote on this site. When you use the online sportsbooks provided here at, your money will only be at risk when you make a wager…not because your financial details can be compromised by thieves.

Cashing out from an online sportsbook

While the easiest thing to do would be to simply get the money put back on the credit card you used to make a deposit, things in life are rarely so easy. Thanks to federal law, offshore sportsbooks are not allowed to disperse your funds via an EFT (electronic funds transfer) but there are several other convenient and secure methods for retrieving money from your account.

The most popular is easily a good old fashioned check in the mail. It will never be confused for the speediest delivery method, but it’s simple, and can all be handled from home. Players are also free to take advantage of services like Western Union or MoneyGram to receive cash in hand instantly, or to keep their money on the internet through the use of eWallets or even BitCoin.

Just as with deposits, there is no reason to worry about the security of these financial transactions when they are initiated with the sportsbooks that we recommend. After all, since they’ve all been in service for over a decade, it’s tough indeed to imagine a sportsbook that did not pay out its players lasting very long in the industry.

For more information on deposits and payouts, you can visit our pages, or click on any of the links on this website to explore the cashier section of these sportsbooks for yourself.

Perks and Bonuses

Most land based casinos will offer their long term, regular customers some incentive and rewards for hanging around so long. While your online sportsbook may be unable to buy you a drink, they can make sure that you’re well taken care of when it comes to perks, bonuses, and rewards.

Welcome Bonuses: In order to entice new players to try out a sports betting medium that may not feel 100% comfortable at first, most sports betting sites for US players will sweeten the first deposit by adding a huge bonus up front. These rewards help new players get acclimated with their new sportsbook without initially needing to risk any of their own money.

Free Play: Online sportsbooks often have exciting gambling features, and in order to get you to try them, they will offer you risk-free bets to begin with. For example, when you try Live Betting for the first time, your account holder may allow you to use a certain amount of free money to try the feature out and get comfortable before you put any real money on the line.

Other Perks and Bonuses: Keep an eye on the promotion page for your favorite online sportsbook as seasonal promotions are often offered, and chances to win big prizes other than money float around like crazy. Online sports betting can be a profitable venture indeed!

Why Wager Online?

Many players bet on sports online, and when you ask them why, it’s not simply because anyone not living in Nevada does not have access to other sportsbooks: the answer is ease, convenience, and service. These are legitimate businesses that work hard to earn and keep their clients. This means they offer things like stellar customer service, rewards, and fine products simply to help stand out and stay afloat. The service offered by these legal online sportsbooks often eclipses that offered from their land based counterparts, and the convenience of betting from home is often too tempting to overcome – especially when faced with the alternative of a crowded casino.

Other Types Of Legal Betting In The USA

Whether your game is video poker, video slots, Keno, Black jack, roulette, baccarat, Caribbean poker, or any other of the more than 90 casino games to choose from, they can all be found at most online casinos. With great pay outs on all you favorite table games and slots you’ll sure to have a good time online casino betting in the USA, with all the games you want.

USA Casino
Casino Bonuses
Bonus Codes
Win Palace Casino $4,000 - 400%: One Time Exclusive - 4000FREE RTG VISIT
Slots Jungle Casino $1,000 - 100%: Ten Times JUNGLEWELCOME RTG VISIT
Aladdin's Gold Casino $2,000 - 200%: Unlimited None Needed RTG VISIT
Lucky Red Casino $4,000 - 400%: One Time LUCKYRED400 RTG VISIT
SLas Vegas USA Casino $125 - 125%: One Time None Needed RTG VISIT

Online Poker In The USA

If you have trouble finding a decent home game to play, spend some time at Full Tilt. All types of cash games, tournaments, and sit and go’s are available in limit, no limit, and pot limit formats. With stakes ranging from penny tables to high stakes action and all types of poker offered like hold’em, stud, Omaha, and the rest of your favorite poker games. Online Poker in the USA has reached new limits with the selection of poker rooms we have for you.

Rank Poker Rooms for Betting in the USA Poker Bonuses Visit
1 Bovada Poker $1,000 Visit

These are all of the most popular forms of online gambling in the USA. There is also the ability to play skill games like scrabble, solitaire, and more.